How to Take Care of Your Glass Fittings: Tips and Tricks

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April 2, 2016 Apartment Living

Glass is a widely used fitting in your apartment. It is used in windows, doors, mirrors extensively as well as inlighting fixtures; even the furniture in your apartment can be composite of it, such as your dining table, coffee table and so on. Because of its fragile nature, glass needs special care to maintain its sparkle. You might have wondered about how to get rid of the stubborn stain from your bedroom window or how to remove the cloudiness from your bathroom mirror. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your glass fittings shiny and sparkling at all times-

Use a soft sponge to clean

When cleaning windows, it’s best to use a sponge or squeegee. Avoid using rough clothes, or things like tissue paper, as they tend to attract dust particles, and all you will be achieving is moving the dust particles around. Using a soft sponge gets rid of the dust and grime, while leaving your windows stain free.

Use an appropriate cleaner

It is a no brainer that when cleaning glass materials, you should always use cleaners that are designed for its specific purpose. If you use water, make sure it is clean and avoid using soap as they leave residues that are hard to remove. If there is too much dirt and grease then use soap sparingly to create a mild solution.

Add vinegar for better results

Apart from being a cooking ingredient, vinegar also possesses superb cleaning properties suitable for cleaning glass surfaces. Add ½ cup vinegar to ½ cup filtered water to make a cleaning solution at home. Use a spray and cloth to wipe the glass on your window or mirror to get rid of streaks.

Clean the corners too

Dust and grime accumulate easily on the borders of your window sill as well on mirror frames which can negate the whole cleaning process if not taken proper care of. So while cleaning, make sure you get to those areas too. Use a dry cloth to remove the layer of dust. Later use a toothbrush and mild soapy solution to get rid of excess dirt.

Clean the window on both sides

When cleaning your apartment windows, make sure you clean both the inside surface and the outside for achieving maximum results. A clean window on both sidesallows in more light which is essential for healthy living. Take caution when cleaning the outside to prevent accidents.

Apply shaving cream to remove cloudy glass

Yep, you read it right. You can apply shaving cream to cloudy glass to get rid of it. Put the shaving cream (not shaving gel) to a microfiber cloth, and apply to the glass. This is a great tip for cleaning your bathroom mirror as it leaves your mirror free of fog for days. It also leaves behind a fresh smelling bathroom.

Use baking soda to remove water spots

Sometimes you may have stubborn water spots on your bathroom mirror or on your apartment windows after a wash. You can use baking soda which is another great cleaning substance right after vinegar. Put baking soda on a microfiber cloth and apply to the water spot until it is clean.

Use baby wipes for removing fingerprints

If you have kids at your apartmentgetting rid of fingerprints from glass surface can be quite a chore. You can easily manage to clean fingerprints from windows, mirrors and other glass surfacesusing a baby wipe. It aids in getting rid of stubborn stains without leaving streaks on your glass surface.

For proper maintenance of your glass fittings you should make a habit of cleaning them periodically. Ideally your windows need to be deep cleaned twice a year. Additionally follow a routine of wiping your windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces regularly at least once a week to keep them dust free and shiny. Keeping clean glass fittings will not only enhance the beauty of your apartment décor but also provide you with a healthy living to keep your mind fresh.