Three Ways bti Provides Fire Safety Measures

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Fire Safety Measures
April 30, 2021 Apartment Living


Living in a concrete jungle like Dhaka is quite risky, especially since fire safety measures are rarely implemented. Despite infrastructure development, there is still a lack of awareness on fire drills. Whenever a fire hazard ravages a building, the fire rescue personnel are often too late. The damage is already done by then. Therefore, to manage fire hazards it is important to be able to prevent them in the first place. bti understands that and as a result we provide a number of safety measures which helps our customers to remain safe and sound in their homes.

Fire Detection

As an experienced real estate company we know how devastating fires can become in a short time period. It is crucial to detect and mitigate as immediately as possible to prevent major damage. Every floor in a bti building has a smoke and heat detector alarm. Once smoke is detected, the loud alarm will alert everyone in the building so that they can safely exit the premise. Our recent projects have Wifi-connected gas detectors installed in the kitchen. This means that if smoke or fire originates from the kitchen, an alert will be sent to your smartphone no matter where you are. You can call your loved ones and fire rescue services immediately and handle the situation before any further damage occurs.

Fire Safety Equipment 

While detection is important, it cannot prevent a fire from spreading. To ensure that fires emanating from one floor does not reach another there are fire extinguishers and hydrants in designated areas in every bti building. Following the BNBC rules, for every 1000 sft space, a fire extinguisher is to be provided. So every floor has its dedicated CO2 fire extinguisher, which can be used to stop initial fires. Fire hydrant boxes are connected to the underground water reservoir. During a fire, the hydrant is used to sprinkle water on to mitigate the fire. In some of our projects we have water sprinklers in the basement to stop fire. To escape from the fire we also provide fire-resistant doors that lead to fire exits. Emergency contacts such as ambulance, fire rescue services, and law enforcement are displayed in designated areas so that you can call them immediately. Even our construction materials are used in such a combination that they can resist fire damage for up to four hours as per BNBC rules.

Fire Drills

During a fire it is easy to lose track and not know what to do. Homeowners with no awareness of fire drills can become liabilities during a fire hazard for this reason. Bti regularly holds fire drills for our customers as we want everyone involved with us to be safe. We went one step ahead with bti Property Management, through which we provide security personnel and caretakers who are well-trained in dealing with fire hazards and unwanted situations. You can count on them in any fire emergencies. We also hold fire safety sessions and drills with them regularly to keep them updated with our fire safety equipment. We also replace fire safety equipment in case they are faulty. 

As bti constantly pursues excellence, we only hope to get better with our services towards our customers. Not only do we provide fire safety equipment that help detect and reduce fire damage, we also provide drills and training sessions to the staff who manage and protect our projects. We also provide fire drill sessions to our customers and strictly maintain BNBC guidelines on fire safety. As a result, we keep homeowners safe and protected from major fire damage. Being the leading real estate company of Bangladesh, bti is happy to be of service for the safety of the nation.