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July 30, 2021 Investment Decision

Chattogram is the port city of Bangladesh, with thriving commercial hubs that allow businesses and factories to flourish. The city got an award from the government for its greenery and urban planning. The lives of millions of people depend on the port city’s success as a commercial hub. As a result, there are distinct residential neighborhoods other than the marked commercial areas. For anyone hoping to reside in Chattogram with family and loved ones, knowing such locations is undoubtedly necessary. Based on extensive research, we found out the best residential areas for your prosperity in Chattogram and listed them below. 



Agrabad easily grabs the first spot because it is the most developed area in the city. It is considered the central business district. Most of the banks, international businesses, and financial institutions are located here. Notably, the Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chittagong Stock Exchange, and World Trade Center are situated here. Being directly connected to the Port of Chittagong gives the area a special business advantage. Some of the streets in Agrabad are designated commercial niches on their own. Insurance and telecommunications companies are also available here. Agrabad is riddled with multinational firm headquarters and government buildings. Living with your family here would mean enjoying every kind of facility you can think of. There are shopping malls, community centers, hotels, and restaurants for recreation. You can visit the country’s only ethnological museum. Several family-friendly parks are here as well. The Bangladesh Betar branch of Chittagong is located in Agrabad. The prices of apartments here would be quite expensive, so make sure you do your research!



Khulshi is a thana located in the Chattogram Metropolitan area. The famous amusement park Foy’s Lake, Railway Museum, and Zoological Garden are here. You will see tourists flocking these places, and if you live in Khulshi you get to enjoy recreational moments in these locations on a regular basis. Khulshi also has embassies and major governmental institutions such as the Weather and Earthquake Center, Office of National Housing Authority, Television Bhaban, and many more. Khulshi is very much like Banani in Dhaka. Do check the prices before buying an apartment here. Although there are several schools and colleges here, the most notable academic institution is the Chittagong University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. A great number of hospitals and clinics are present here. Large residential areas such as Jalalabad are just around the corner. Buying an apartment in Khulshi can get you great access to daily amenities and connectivity to other areas of the city easily.



Panchlaish is a major commercial hub, but it also has a large residential area in Nasirabad. Katalgonj is also another major residential area here. Premier University, British Council, and various other schools provide academic support in the area. A rail station adds to the convenience of transport in Panchlaish. The Government Passport Office, BTCL, Chittagong Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Forest Research Institute, LGED Office, and Bangladesh Agricultural Development Center are notable government institutions available here. Major shopping centers such as the City Corporation Market, Shah Amanat Market, and Chittagong Shopping Complex are present here, along with a cattle market in Bibir Hat. Although apartment prices here are more affordable than Agrabad, it could still be in an upper-tier range, with similar prices as apartments in Khulshi.



Halishahar is largely a residential area, but commercial activities are increasing here so The Bay of Bengal is on its West. Since there is a beach here, tourists and sightseers are often seen here. The Border Guard Bangladesh Headquarters, Chittagong District Police Line, and the Artillery Training Center and School are available here. Several bazaars and shopping malls cater to the needs of the people here, with a few educational institutions. You will notice lime industries, fish processing industries, and several garments factories on the works here. The largest hospital here is the Agrabad Access Road General Hospital. Halishahar is where you can get plenty of affordable homes to live in. 

Without the economic boost provided by Chattogram, Bangladesh would not be the fast-growing nation we see now. If you want to be a part of the nation’s staggering progress, Chattogram will have everything that you are looking for. Apartments in Chattogram city come in various price ranges. This means that if you are looking to buy an apartment here, choices are endless.