Top 5 Apartment Tips for Earth Day

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April 26, 2018 Apartment Living

Earth Day is a global celebration originally founded in 1970 which is held every year on 22nd April to raise awareness about environmental issues and make the earth a sustainable place. With Earth Day falling this week, why not take the initiative to reassess our apartment living habits and look for environment friendly ways in your own apartment? Here are top 5 apartment living tips to reduce your carbon footprint and pave way to a better future for generations to come:

Use natural cleaning products

Instead of spending money on cleaning products containing chemicals and other harmful products, you can switch to healthier, cheaper, non toxic cleaning solutions. You can even make your very own cleaning solution at home using readily available items in your apartment using products like vinegar, baking soda, citrus fruits etc.  These regular household items can be used for various apartment cleaning purposes like removing stains, cleaning surfaces, getting rid of odors etc. You can check out this article to find natural cleaning recipes for apartment maintenance.

Wash clothes in cold water

If you use a washing machine for laundry, you should consider using cold water. Did you know almost 90% of energy goes into heating water which drastically pumps up your electricity bill? Cold water on the other hand can be used just as effectively to clean clothes properly while reducing carbon dioxide emission and cutting your electricity bill.

Reduce water consumption in your apartment

Water is undoubtedly one of the precious finite resources we have and yet we seem to take it for granted.  Simple apartment living habits like turning off the faucet while brushing or lathering hands with soap can effectively conserve huge gallons of water per day if your whole family practices it. Teach your kids the importance of water conservation by showing them educational flyers, brochures, pictorial etc which are readily available online. Young minds are highly impressionable at their age so it is best to educate them on these worldly issues to foster these good habits. This will in turn help to create a better planet for our future generations. You should also carry out regular apartment maintenance to fix leaky faucets in bathrooms and kitchen.

Reduce usage of plastic bottles

Many city dwellers carry plastic water bottles on the go and are sure to hold several water bottles in their apartments. Since these bottles are carried during travel, it also insinuates that they don’t end up getting recycled. Instead of using these plastic bottles which are toxic to the environment, use reusable water bottles or flasks. They are not only environment friendly and safe but also elegant and stylish to carry.

Unplug electronics at home

If you are not using your personal computer or laptop for some time then switch it to power saving mode. Do not leave it running for long periods of time when you are away from your desk. You should also do the same for all electronic devices such as printer, iron, television, charger cables etc. Remember to unplug and not just turn off the power before leaving the room, since these devices use energy even when the switches are off.

Other simple apartment living tips to make your home environment friendly are to use rain water harvesting during rainy season, installing solar panels and the most common hackneyed tip  which is to plant greenery and shrubs for a healthy apartment living experience. Do you have any more earth day tips for a healthy home and a happier planet? Share with us in the comments below.