Top 5 Bathroom Renovating Mistakes to Avoid

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5 Bathroom Renovating Mistakes
April 27, 2019 Apartment Living

With time the way we use bathroom has evolved a lot– it is not only a place where we go to freshen up but also a mini-getaway from the hustle and bustle of our daily life to indulge in self-care and recharge.

When you buy a flat in Dhaka, you may have to forego the expectations of your dream bathroom because of many factors but that does not mean you cannot renovate it later on. To guard you against common bathroom renovating blunders, here are some important things to consider.

Using inappropriate materials

5 Bathroom Renovating Mistakes

One of the common problems in bathroom renovation is tackling the moisture it accumulates. So when choosing any material, make sure you are well aware of using only materials that are bathroom-friendly. For example, steer clear from using wood, fabrics or particleboards. Instead invest in waterproof materials and materials that do not expand, fade and deteriorate with time.

Cluttering the space

5 Bathroom Renovating Mistakes

These days, being minimalistic is the latest trend in interior design.  A bathroom, overflowing with too many stuff like half empty shampoo bottles or outdated bathroom accessories, is definitely not a place you feel calm and relaxed. So get rid of those and keep only a few necessities for a clear and well-organized bathroom.

Not considering storage

5 Bathroom Renovating Mistakes

Although you should avoid cluttering of your bathroom space, you still require just enough storage space for your bathroom goodies. Make sure while renovating, you consider placement of storage so that what you need is within your reach. For example, you should have holders for toiletries within the vicinity of your shower area as well as towel racks where water cannot reach in case you do not have an enclosed shower space.

Poor lighting

5 Bathroom Renovating Mistakes

The right lighting is crucial to elevate your bathroom not only in terms of aesthetics but also functionality. Most of the time, we use the bathroom for more than just showering and brushing our teeth, we use it for various purposes like applying makeup, hair styling or shaving which are hard to do in a poor ambiance. So next time you consider to install new light fixtures in your bathroom, include some well –designed task lighting in your bathroom renovating project.

Lack of ventilation

5 Bathroom Renovating Mistakes

Bathroom is a haven for mold growths and damp walls or ceilings, so take note that your bathroom gets proper ventilation at all cost! The humid climate of Dhaka city also contributes to moisture trapping and eventual build up of molds and fungi which if not nipped in the bud can pose danger to your health. Even if your bathroom has windows, make sure to install exhaust fan to eliminate the moisture.

Although there is no end to the things you could add to make your bathroom feel like a luxurious haven, when taking up a bathroom renovating project ensure you tackle the above issues to create a relaxing retreat for you. For more design inspiration or consultation, you may also use bti interior solutions.