Top 5 Locations to Buy Apartments in Dhaka 2023

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Apartments in Dhaka
May 14, 2023 Investment Decision


Are you considering investing in a new apartment in Dhaka? With its bustling city life and rapid urbanization, Dhaka offers a plethora of options when it comes to buying an apartment. In this blog, we will explore the top five locations to buy apartments in Dhaka in 2023. These locations offer a mix of modern infrastructure, convenient amenities, and excellent connectivity, making them highly desirable for potential homeowners.

Bashundhara Residential Area:

First on our list is the renowned Bashundhara Residential Area. Known for being one of the largest residential neighborhoods in Dhaka, Bashundhara R/A is a planned community that offers a wide range of apartment options. 

The area boasts excellent infrastructure, including well-connected road networks, educational institutions, hospitals, shopping malls, exemplary security measures, and recreational facilities. It provides a modern and comfortable living environment, making it an ideal choice for families and professionals alike. It is also close to commercial hubs such as Gulshan, Airport, Madani Avenue, Banani, and Purbachal.


Mirpur is a rapidly developing area in Dhaka that has gained popularity among apartment buyers. With its affordable housing options, great transport options, and convenient location, Mirpur has become an attractive destination for those looking to buy an apartment.

The area is well-connected to other parts of the city, and it offers a range of amenities such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. Also the long awaited Metro rail is also connected with Mirpur! Mirpur is an excellent choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle at an affordable price.


Dhanmondi has long been regarded as one of the most prestigious residential areas in Dhaka. This well-established neighborhood is known for its serene environment, tree-lined streets, and proximity to popular schools, universities, hospitals, and shopping centers. Dhanmondi Lake is a fantastic place for those wanting to enjoy a peaceful time or quiet workout sessions. Many concerts and fun activities take place around the lake on a regular basis.

Dhanmondi offers a mix of older and newer apartment buildings, providing diverse options for potential buyers. The area’s charm, coupled with its excellent facilities, makes it an ideal location for families and individuals seeking a sophisticated lifestyle.


Uttara, located in the northern part of Dhaka, is a rapidly growing residential area. With its well-planned infrastructure, Uttara offers a plethora of apartment options to suit various budgets and preferences.

The area features numerous educational institutions, healthcare facilities, recreational parks, and shopping complexes, ensuring a convenient and comfortable lifestyle for its residents. Uttara’s strategic location and accessibility make it an attractive investment opportunity for apartment buyers.


Last but certainly not least, Gulshan is a premium residential area catering to the affluent population of Dhaka. The neighborhood is renowned for its luxurious apartments, modern infrastructure, and high-end amenities.

Gulshan offers proximity to embassies, international schools, fine dining restaurants, and upscale shopping malls. The area also features beautiful parks and lakes, providing a tranquil and luxurious living environment. If you are seeking a lavish and exclusive lifestyle, Gulshan is the perfect location to consider for your apartment purchase.


Dhaka’s real estate market offers numerous options for apartment buyers, but choosing the right location is crucial. In this blog, we highlighted the top five locations to buy apartments in Dhaka in 2023: Bashundhara R/A, Mirpur, Dhanmondi, Uttara, and Gulshan.

Whether you prioritize affordability, convenience, or luxury, these areas cater to a wide range of preferences and offer excellent living standards. Conduct thorough research, visit the locations, and consult with real estate professionals to make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and aspirations.