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June 10, 2017 Investment Decision

Written by: Tasnia Tajin

Buying an apartment can be a cumbersome process entailing several factors and decisions. However, when looking for apartments, one of the primary questions you have to tackle is what kind of real estate property are you looking for?

If you are searching for an exceptional real estate investment, the only logical option you have is to buy a luxury apartment. These real estate properties will provide you with the precise balance of aesthetic design, prestige, prime location, refined amenities which are suited for you if you are used to a lavish lifestyle. However, if you are unable to afford such a high end product, then there are numerous other options available. Top real estate companies in Bangladesh also have modern homes with luxury features in affordable prices. Here are a few types of real estate properties for you to consider when looking to buy:

Single unit apartments: These are the simplest kind of apartments available which resemble traditional single family homes. Each floor comprises of a single unit as the name suggests. This is suitable for people who like privacy. You can find single unit apartments of various sizes with 2 to 5 bedrooms depending on the square footage area.

Duplexes:  Some families need more space than others. Duplexes are great real estate investments as they provide you with the right balance of privacy and space for a joint family living space. Although duplexes can be expensive but it can be the perfect home for you where you live harmoniously with your loved ones.

Multi- unit apartments: These are properly the most common type of apartments available. In order to solve the shortage of housing problem, urbanization has led to the development of these buildings where instead of singe unit apartments there are two or more units depending on land size.  This kind of properties is best suited for small families looking to start their new life in their own home. Having next door neighbors can also be an added advantage as you get a sense of community living in a contemporary home.

Gated communities:  Gated communities are sort of new comers in the Bangladesh real estate market scene. Gated community residences offer apartments in a vast area of land from 40-50 bighas. Apart from modern facilities such as lift, generator and fire protection system, gated communities also include grocery store, pharmacy, day care centers etc to make you everyday life easy. Gated communities are great for real estate investments for those who crave more than just a living space and look for a sense of belonging to a community.

Although when you are apartment searching, you need to consider a lot of other factors such as price, location, size, determining what kind of property you want will undoubtedly make the search easier for you. To start your search now, you can browse through bti properties for sale.