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June 12, 2018 Investment Decision

When looking to buy a home for your family, it is imperative to consider the location as it heavily influences many other factors including price, standard of living, commuting, etc. for your smooth life. Along with Dhaka, demand for apartments has also gained momentum over the last few decades in Chattagram as most of the people there aspire for an urban lifestyle with modern amenities. In this article, let’s delve into the highlights of a popular residential area in Chattagram – Halishahar, which make it an ideal choice for your dream home.

An amenity rich neighborhood

When you choose to buy a home, one of the primary motivations for purchase is to look for a comfortable lifestyle. If you decide to buy an apartment in Halishahar, it is loaded with an abundance of amenities including reputed schools, hospitals, departmental stores, shopping centers and restaurants to cater to all your lifestyle needs.


If you want to settle down in a neighborhood which offers a lot of options when it comes to the schooling of your children, then Halishahar is a great location as it houses a number of reputed schools, colleges, and universities. There is Halishahar Cantonment Public School and College, BEPZA Public School and College, Silver Bells Kindergarten and Girls’ High School, Bangladesh Navy School and College, besides many others.


When you look for apartments for sale in Chattagram, it is important to make sure that the neighborhood has reputed medical facilities to treat your loved ones in times of emergency. Halishahar relieves you from undue stress as it houses a number of reputed medical institutions such as Halishahar General Hospital, Mother and Child Care Hospital, Royal Community Eye Hospital, and so on to take care of your loved ones and assure your peace of mind during emergency.


When you buy an apartment in Halishahar, you can easily take a break from the tedium of your daily life as the area provides an easy gateway to relax, rejuvenate, and socialize. Modern shopping malls and a number of well known food shops within the area ensure that everything you could possibly want out of a modern life is just around the corner. You will find here Aarong, RFL Best Buy, Port New Market, Shwapno, BNSS Shopping Complex, Ananda Bazar, etc. along with fine eateries like Bay Leaf Restaurant, Bon Fire café, etc.

The area has a children’s park where you can go for family outings during the weekend with your kids. If you are health conscious and like to work out, then the area has several gyms within the vicinity such as Life Fitness Gym, Anytime Fitness Gym, and so on.

A serene location

If you would like to live in an area that offers serenity and exudes peace, then Halishahar is a great choice for you, since one side of Halishahar is practically covered with a number of sea beaches overlooking the Bay of Bengal. You can visit Halishahar Beach or Dakshin Kattali Beach nearby and if you have a little more time in your hand on a weekend, then you can visit the Patenga Beach with your family or by yourself to enjoy the scenic beauty.

Well Connectivity

Location is of paramount importance when looking for an apartment to give you easy access to other parts of the city. Halishahar with its well developed area provides easy commuting to its residents owing to the presence of Port Connecting road, Agrabad Access Road and Halishahar Road right in the neighborhood. It connects to several prominent areas including Agrabad, Chowdhury Para, Sobujbag, New Mooring and so on.

Smart Investment

When you invest in real estate property, it is prudent to invest in a location where property will appreciate in value and having an apartment in a prime location of Chattagram such as Halishahar will make sure that your decision to buy an apartment in Halishahar is financially a safe and smart investment decision.

Whichever location you choose to buy your dream home in, make sure you make an informed decision, taking into account the pros and cons, as well as considering how the location will benefit you in the long term. You can start your search to find your dream home in Halishahar or other prime locations in Chattagram at www.btibd.com.

To help you with your apartment search, here is a list of properties available in the Halishahar area with their features and amenities.

Features &


The Unity




Metro Noor

Metro Assets Ltd.



Shara- SEL Heights



Pearl Homes

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Fire Alarm X X
Tempered Glass Verandah Railing X X X
Main Door and Internal Door frame CTG Teak & Teak Chamble CTG Teak CTG Teak CTG Teak
Bricks Machine made gas burnt bricks Local bricks Local bricks Local bricks
Main Floor Tiles 24”x24” 12”X 12” 24”x24” 12” X 12”


Wall Tiles in Kitchen Up to 7′ Up to 7′ Up to 7′ Up to 7′
Shower area with curtain in bathrooms X X X
Generator Backup X X
Imported Light Shade X X X
Rooftop with Greenery and Sitting Arrangement X X X