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August 21, 2017 Investment Decision

After Dhaka city, Chittagong is the biggest city in Bangladesh and has well-developed infrastructure for its residents to lead a comfortable lifestyle. There are a number of locations to choose from when you look for apartments for sale in Chittagong, but if you are one of those who settle for nothing but the best, then North Khulshi might be of interest to you. Here are top 8 reasons that make North Khulshi a great place to live in.

Prestigious Area

For many people homeownership is more than owning a place to live in, it is also a matter of pride and accomplishment. North Khulshi is a highly esteemed neighborhood in Chittagong which gives you the gratification of owning a home in a prestigious area where you can live like royalty.Serene


If you are a person who enjoys tranquility and wish to live away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then North Khulshi is the place for you. When you own a home in North Khulshi, you can enjoy living in a natural setting with open views to give you a break from the cityscape. Moreover, even though you are away from the city life, you can still stay connected to the daily conveniences which are just a short distance away.

Well-connected Area

As one of the prime neighborhoods in Chittagong, North Khulshi ensures you are at the centre of connectivity with Zakir Hossain Raod and GEC Junction nearby. From here you have easy access to commercial, educational and recreation facilities and you also have access to daily shopping needs at Central Plaza or Khulshi Mart.

Gateway to Recreation

When you buy an apartment in North Khulshi, its serene location does not dampen your recreational spirit in any way. You can easily visit Foy’s Lake which is a short drive away and enjoy the scenic beauty on a weekend outing with your family. There are also a number of eateries such as Tava Restaurant and Lounge, Doner Chef besides others for a great dining experience.

Reputed Educational Institutes

As a concerned parent, one of the factors for you when choosing a location for your home is the nearby educational institutes.  At North Khulshi, there are a number of reputed educational institutes such as Chittagong Government Women’s College, University of Information Technology and Sciences and others to give your children a bright future.

Medical Facilities

If you ever run into medical emergencies, Lion’s General Hospital and Crescent Hospital within the vicinity ensure that you can avoid heavy traffic and handle emergency situations without any additional stress or worry of how to get there or when you would reach the hospital. When you buy an apartment in North Khulshi, you can rest assured your loved ones will have the provision of reputed medical care within easy reach in times of emergency.

Dry Land

As North Khulshi is situated on high land area, its elevation gives it protection against flood and you can live comfortably on dry land even if the rest of the neighboring areas get submerged under water during rainy season or floods.

High Apartment Resale Value

If you ever wish to resale your property, you are sure to get a high resale price for apartments in North Khulshi owing to its prestigious neighborhood, which makes buying an apartment at North Khulshi undoubtedly a smart investment decision.

To start your apartment search in this location, here is a list of properties available at North Khulshi:



Features and Amenities

Meadowville (bti)

Sharuz hieghts (KDS)

Orchid (Equity)

Emerald Park (ABC Marks Ltd.)

1 Fire Alarm Yes No Yes Yes
2 Fire Hydrant Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Earthquake Resistant Design Yes No No No
4 Lift 2 Korean lifts for 20 units 2 Japanese lifts for 24 units 2 Chinese lifts for 16 units 2 Chinese lifts for 33 units
5 CCTV Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
6 Main Floor Tiles 24″ x 24″ 36″ x 36″ 36″ x 36″ 24″ x 24″
7 Main Door Chittagong Teak Burma Teak Chittagong Teak Chittagong Teak
8 Internal Door Frame Teak Chamble Gorjon Mehrgoni Mehrgoni
9 Bricks Hollow Blocks Machine Made Bricks Local Bricks in Masonry Work Machine Made Bricks
10 Fancy Light Fixtures with Concealed Spotlight Yes No Yes Yes
11 Fly Proof Net Yes Yes Yes Yes
12 Wall & Floor Tiles in Kitchen Imported Imported Local Imported
13 Exhaust Fan in Kitchen Yes Yes Yes Yes
14 Kitchen Sink Double bowl Single bowl Single bowl Single bowl
15 Provision for Kitchen Hood Yes No Yes Yes
16 Wall & Floor Tiles in Bathroom Imported Imported Local Imported
17 Shower Area with Curtain in Bathroom Yes No No No
18 Sanitaryware & CP Fittings Imported Imported Local Imported
19 Bathroom Door Laminated flush door Laminated flush door Laminated flush door Laminated flush door
20 Hot & Cold Water Line In all bathrooms Only in master bathroom Only in master bathroom Only in master bathroom
21 Rainwater


Yes No No No
22 Rooftop Garden with BBQ area and sitting arrangement Yes No No No
23 Gym space Yes No Yes Yes


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