What makes Uttar Khan a suitable location for your future abode?

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Uttar Khan
April 19, 2018 Investment Decision

Owning an apartment in Dhaka is more than the fulfillment of a dream – it gives you a sense of security and liberty.  When buying an apartment, there are many factors that influence the buying decision. However, the location of your dream home is one of the primary and most important factors to consider. Although you might have your own preferred location in terms of budget, standard of living, commute distance, etc, here is a look at what makes Uttar Khan an ideal choice for home buyers.

Live in serenity

When you look for a home, it is likely that you crave for a space where you can spend time in a peaceful, serene environment. The location of Uttar Khan is ideal to provide you with a quiet neighborhood away from the chaos of the city. In addition, as it is a developing neighborhood, you can enjoy open surroundings while having access to nearby amenities.

Affordable homes

The location of Uttar Khan is lucrative for first-time home buyers, especially if you hail from the middle-income group as apartment prices in this area are quite affordable compared to other locations in Dhaka. Currently, the approximate apartment price here is Tk. 5500 per sft.

Loaded with amenities

If you are wary of the amenities available in the area, then you would be reassured to know that Uttar Khan lets you live conveniently with access to a host of amenities, such as reputed schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and so on.

Uttar Khan includes several schools like B H Khan School & College, Milestone School, Uttar Khan Collegiate School,  Uttar Khan Public School, Uttara Sonali Model School, Barabagh High School, etc. For any medical emergencies, Uttar khan also houses several hospitals, such as Uttar Khan General Hospital, Child Care Hospital, etc. There are also a number of mosques, shopping centers, as well as banks within the vicinity.

Close to Uttara Model Town

Uttar Khan provides you with an epitomized urban living experience as from here you can easily enjoy the perks of Uttara Model Town having a plethora of amenities and  just a stone’s throw away from here.

Smart investment choice

The area of Uttar Khan has a lot of development prospects as the main Dhaka city gets more populated. If you choose to invest in properties in Uttar Khan, the property will surely appreciate in value. The location is also very close to industrialized areas like Gazipur and Tongi, which is another reason, why buying an apartment here is a smart investment choice as demand is likely to increase over the years.

So, as you may have noticed that location plays a crucial role in determining your future abode so that you can live comfortably with your loved ones. Therefore, before choosing, think carefully in order to make the right selection.

To help you find your dream home, here is a list of properties available in Uttar Khan with their features and amenities. Happy home hunting!

Features & Amenities Chayabithi


AB Moitri Swarna

(AB Moitri Builders Ltd.)

Badhon Shaif Garden

(Badhon Neer Ltd.)

Jamila Villa (Radical Developments Ltd.)
CCTV Monitoring

Fire Alarm

Lift 4 No. of Stretcher lifts of Korean origin 1 Korean lift 1 Fujitech lift 1 Chinese lift
Main Door and Internal door Frame CTG Teak Teak Chambal CTG Teak CTG Teak
Bricks Hollow blocks Machine-made gas burnt bricks Machine-made gas burnt bricks Local bricks
Main Floor Tiles 24”x24” Imported 16”x16” Local 24”x24” Local 12”x12” Local
 Wall Tiles in Kitchen Up to 7′ Up to 2.6′ Up to 2.6′ Up to 2.6′
Shower Enclosure in Bathrooms

Decorative Ceiling Edge in Common Living Areas

Generator Backup 3 lights, 2 fans 1 light, 1 fan 1 light, 1 fan 2 lights, 1 fan
Imported Light Shade

Rooftop with Greenery and Sitting Arrangement