Women: Not Just Homemakers, But Home Makers

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March 24, 2022 Investment Decision

Just a century ago, in most countries women were still considered secondary citizens, with little right to owning properties or the right to call any place their own. It is either her parents’ home or her in-laws’ home, but never her own. Women have always been the homemakers, handling every domestic work within the confinement of the houses they lived in, but not truly owning them with pride. Such practices still linger in modern times, but a lot of the sentiment has changed. In Bangladesh, although women are still not the primary decision makers behind buying a home, they now own properties and stay involved in every process that makes their dream homes truly theirs. bti salutes all those women who face so many hurdles when buying a home, and also those who strive to make the perfect home for their loved ones. 


She Knows Best

Dreaming of a place you could call your own is easy, but the hard part is doing the research. With a busy daily schedule there is no time to rest, no time to look for suitable properties. Whether you live in Bangladesh or abroad, finding the perfect home is a struggle you probably do not want to handle, unless you find a helping hand in the women in your lives. It could be your mother, your wife, your daughter, or any significant woman in your life, but she is the one who can do it well. She can narrow down suitable locations, talk to real estate agents or developers, visit sites, and research extensively to find a home that completely tends to your needs. The best thing is that she would already know what you want and prefer; she would already know what is best for the family, and so she would research in that manner. If you decide to develop your land, she can find out the best developers for that land and encourage you to discuss joint ventures with them.


She Handles it All

Real estate companies certainly develop housing, but it is women who turn them into homes. 

Once a home is chosen, there is no going back for her. She will try her best to make sure her contribution is a clear success. She can contribute financially, as well as remain physically involved in every aspect of the homebuying journey. From regular communication with sales agents from time to time to making necessary modifications, she takes the reins and also shares the efforts behind the whole process. If a home loan is on her mind, she will know how to finance the home properly and plan accordingly. 


She Decides The Space

While construction related concepts may be more of your department, space allocation is a crucial matter for her. While the home is under construction, she will decide the function of every nook and corner. In fact, she would already do it by the time she views the floor plan! She would decide the perfect room for herself, the best room for her children, the most suitable room for her parents or in-laws, maybe add in an extra space for guests. She would choose the color palette and define how her built-in furniture would take shape. If she is a working woman, she would love a sweet spot for her office work, or a small reading room for her books. Aesthetics are just as important to her as functionality. She will ensure that the interiors of each space match her vision for her family setting. She will break walls or make false ceilings if it makes the home brighter and more airy, on par with her vision. She will consult and team up with experts in construction, architecture, and interior design along with you so that the space is designed just right for her.


She Manages Spectacularly

Women are very territorial when it comes to their homes. Just like their children, women also feel the need to protect their home and spare no means to do so. While you are away in your daily work, she ensures her home is running smoothly. For regular repairs and maintenance, she knows just the right people to call. The rooftop is her escape from daily life, and also her personal garden where she keeps her precious plants. She can hire gardeners to keep the landscaping tip-top. Cleanliness and security are aspects she cannot underestimate. If she finds the right staff for the property, you have nothing else to worry about!

Women are often labeled the builders of the next generation, but they do that not just by raising families, they do it by maintaining the perfect environment for them. The effort that goes behind cannot be measured, and must be appreciated if we want to take our nation forward through women empowerment. With this belief, bti honors all women from every household who are contributing towards creating a better nation.