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Apartments for sale in Dhaka
January 21, 2020 Investment Decision

There’s always a lot of research and thinking involved when you decide to purchase a product. When it comes to buying a home, this process becomes even more time-consuming and intensive, especially in the heat and traffic of a megacity like Dhaka. This makes looking for apartments for sale in Dhaka way more difficult than one might think.

People are always looking for the best possible place to settle down with their families. While you will find ready flats for sale scattered all about Dhaka, there are important features and amenities you need to consider before choosing an apartment to live in.

Convenient Location

When you decide to find a home in Dhaka, the first feature you need to consider is location. You equally need to address the concerns of budget and size. Are you looking for a flat in Gulshan, Bashundhara and Baridhara? Or do you prefer to have your home in areas such as Mirpur or Mohammadpur with relatively affordable apartments?

Perhaps, you can afford a small apartment in a prime location. But with that same budget, you can also buy a middle-sized flat in another less popular area.

Buying an apartment is a major financial decision. So, if you’re not careful enough, you might choose a location or an apartment size that you might regret. The price of apartment varies according to location. Keep this in mind and then decide whether you want to buy small unit or larger one.

Current State of the Market

There are many developers in Dhaka offering you different kinds of deals. Hence, consult with a trusted professional before buying an apartment here as Dhaka’s current housing market is overflowed with thousands of deals, diverse possibilities and frauds. Many reputed real estate companies namely building technology and ideas (bti) ltd. offer free consultation services so that you can make the best purchase and enjoy a joyful homeownership.

Educational Institutions

If you have children or are planning to start a family, having reputed educational institutions nearby will be a blessing for you. There are numerous schools, colleges and universities scattered all around Dhaka, but choose a location that will offer the best educational facilities to your kids.

If you decide to settle down in Uttara, you will find well-known academic institutions namely Scholastica, Uttara High School & College, Uttara Model College, Rajuk Uttara Model College. If your children are all grown up and eligible for higher studies, Bashundhara R/A will offer you reputed universities like North South University (NSU), Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB), International School of Dhaka (ISD), Viqarunnisa Noon School and College.

No matter whichever is your preferred location, keep the best interest of your child in mind and then decide to purchase a flat at convenient rate.

Safety Measures

Everyone longs to have a home that provides them with safety and security, so do you. Therefore, you need to ensure that the building and apartment you are selecting provides you with excellent security measures. You should inspect the building personally and make sure that it has CCTV camera surveillance, security personnel, fire alarm, emergency exit etc.

Also, ensure that your apartment gets enough power, gas and water supply, especially if the flat you are purchasing is under construction. As natural calamities are getting more prevalent day by day, whenever you look for a home, resort to buy an earthquake resistant building.

 More than a home

What does a home mean to you? It is a place where you will make a life for yourself and your loved ones. Hence, it should be your topmost priority that the apartment you are buying offers you enough light and is equipped with modern amenities.

You should also consider having various wellness features such as sauna, yoga studio, gym and play area for your kids when looking for a flat for sale. building technology and ideas-bti has a collection of wellness communities for your wellbeing, which aim to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and stay physically and mentally fit.

In the past few years, Dhaka has experienced tremendous development. There are different sorts of flats available in different area—starting from one-bedroom apartments to duplex houses—you will never run out of options. However, be mindful and calculative before you decide to buy your dream home.

Finding the Right Developer

With the right research and luck, if you find your ideal home, the next step is to partner with a trustworthy developer who will value your dream.

Buying a home is a big decision and you cannot, by any means, make a hurried conclusion. Many reputed real estate companies namely Concord Real Estate, Navana Real Estate, ABC Real Estate etc. offer apartments of different ranges. However, building technology and ideas ltd-bti stands out among the rest in terms of design excellence, on time handover and service.

A home should nurture joyful emotions in you, and building technology and ideas ltd.-bti strives to provide that beautiful experience of joyful homeownership. No matter what sort of developer company you choose, make sure that they offer the complete solution to your dream.

Remember, purchasing an apartment is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. So, let this investment be a wise one!