5 Apocalyptical Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Kitchen

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May 24, 2018 Apartment Living

Your home’s kitchen may not be your most favorite room in the apartment, but still it is undoubtedly one of the most functional rooms in your home where you spend hours cooking meals for your loved ones. After sometime of moving into your new apartment, you might lose track of having an aesthetic, organized kitchen. However, having an updated kitchen is essential not only for your overall apartment maintenance and aesthetics but also to ensure a clean, healthy, and fun working place. Here are 5 signs that hint you might need to Upgrade Your Kitchen:

Worn out kitchen cabinets

One of the most frequently utilized spaces in the kitchen is the kitchen cabinet. Due to the frequent use, your kitchen cabinet may be discolored, have wear and tear and if in use for long time can even have broken doors. In such cases, depending on the extent of wear and tear, you need to change the cabinet by either replacing it with a new one or giving it a fresh coat of paint or varnish depending on the material.

Cluttered counter-top

The counter top is the most exposed and heavily used part of kitchen, so it tends to get cluttered with many things, some of which are unnecessary such as empty jars and old pot holders. Sometimes, the tiles will also have accumulated grime and dirt. Get rid of the clutter first of all and then clean them thoroughly with baking soda or vinegar with water. If your countertop is of granite, you can check out this article on how to keep the countertop shine.

Dull colors

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Color in interior design is of great importance as they can make a room feel dull, cozy, spacious, or vibrant. Since your kitchen is a busy area, why not install some life in there through adding a zest of colors? You can have lime green or light blue for creating calm and cozy kitchen interior. Do not just focus on wall colors. You can add colors in other ways too, such as placing a vase of fresh flowers or herbs or a kitchen mat or even curtains. These will surely uplift your kitchen decor and make working in kitchen fun for you instead of a dreaded chore.

Shortage of storage space

It may take you hours to find that jar of condiment you are looking to add to your meal for your kids. Another sure sign your kitchen is in need of an upgrade is when you have run out space and you cannot find your stuff. Apart from kitchen cabinets and countertop, you can add nifty wall shelves or open racks to increase your kitchen space. Wall shelves are great for small apartments or a tiny open rack in a corner is also a smart kitchen storage solution.

Outdated utensils

Yes, it is not only the kitchen interior design that can affect the aesthetics of your kitchen but also the utensils and appliances you use. For example, I am sure you don’t like spending valuable time cleaning dishes, pots, and pans that are so obsolete that you do not remember what its original color was. Do not be frugal, allocate a budget to invest in new pots and pans, and discard or donate the old ones and feel the difference yourself.

If you notice the presence of above signs in your kitchen, then it is high time you take up a kitchen upgrade project to ensure a happy, healthy, and homely kitchen and enjoy cooking your favorite meals to your heart’s content. For more tips and advice, you may also consult bti interior solutions.