5 Living Room Makeover Ideas for Your Apartment Living Room

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August 12, 2017 Apartment Living

The living room of your apartment is one of the most frequently used rooms- whether you prefer traditional, modern or cozy, your living room makeover should be comfortable, elegant as well as be your personal statement. Here are 5 living room decorating ideas from interior design experts to renovate your living room into a truly stylish and comfy space.

Add stylish yet comfy furniture

The furniture of your living room is the center of attention; make sure you choose the right furniture. When buying furniture for your new home or lived-in apartment, pay attention to the size, fabrics, texture and ergonomics. For instance, you do not want to end up buying a posh looking chair only to realize it is uncomfortable for seating. You should note your apartment size and buy furniture accordingly. For example, if you live in a small apartment choose open- ended furniture to make the room feel bigger. For turning your apartment into a luxury one, invest in comfort leather sofa- single or double for a posh look and finish it with a Lucite or glass top center table.

Add curves

Modern interior design trends lean towards various geometric shapes instead of boring rectangles or squares. Choose tables that are round or curved sofas that are also back-friendly. You can also add curvy twist in your apartment décor by placing a rounded or oval rug or lamps with round shades. Interior design expert Bownyn Poole says on Houzz, “I believe curves soften a space and inspire effortless flow in a room that may otherwise feel constricted.”

Make it look comfy

Apart from making your living room a comfortable living space, you need to work on making it look comfy too. Add warmth with wood textures. You can have wood apartment floors or use texture paint in walls or corners. Another great living room decorating idea is to use shelving units, not too big, and in geometric patterns. Fill it with your favorite knick- knacks such as books, vases, figurines and so on. You can also add plants and flowers to make the room feel fresh and vibrant so visitors feel relaxed and in sync with nature even in a high rise flat in Dhaka city.

Paint the ceiling white

If you own a small apartment in Dhaka city, or a poorly-lit apartment, you can brighten up the space by painting the ceiling white. Interior design experts recommend using it with contrast wall paint so that it attracts visitor’s attention upwards creating the illusion of openness and making your apartment living room feel spacious.


Lighting plays a smart role in your apartment living room décor. Choose decorative lighting or mood lighting for creating the perfect ambience. Avoid harsh light bulbs that wash over the entire space. You can also add different lamps and wall sconces to create interplay of different lighting.

Last but not the least, you should have some personal touch in your apartment décor. If you are an artist, hang a wall art or decorate with crafted vases. If you are not that into arts, simply add things that are personal to you, such as a photo gallery.

With these tips and tricks you can transform your simple living room into a stunning yet comfortable living space where you can hosts get together parties or relax in front of the TV couch on a weekend night. For more decorating inspiration, you can consult bti interior solutions.