"Real Estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk." -- Armstrong Williams
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should you invest in real estate during inflation 980666
June 8, 2022 Investment Decision

Should You Invest in Real Estate During Inflation?

The ongoing RussiaUkraine War has sent many economies spiraling out... Continue Reading

expert property management luxury or necessity 627225
May 20, 2022 Investment Decision

Expert Property Management: Luxury or Necessity?

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a quick guide to buying land 995342
May 18, 2022 Tips

A Quick Guide to Buying Land

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bti brings 2 smart additions to home automation 894823
April 25, 2022 Apartment Living

bti Brings 2 Smart Additions To Home Automation

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home plumbing maintenance in rainy season 559795
April 18, 2022 Investment Decision

Home Plumbing Maintenance in Rainy Season

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7 questions you should ask during building construction 620074
April 16, 2022 Apartment Living

7 Questions You Should Ask During Building Construction

Everyone wants a space they can call home Whether you... Continue Reading

mirpur teeming with new real estate opportunities 284056
April 5, 2022 Investment Decision

Mirpur Teeming With New Real Estate Opportunities

Mirpur thana has been home to millions of people and... Continue Reading

4 real estate myths demystified 227187
March 30, 2022 Real Estate Industry

4 Real Estate Myths Demystified

The wouldbe homeowners often fall into despondency thinking that their... Continue Reading

exterior paint to withstand our seasons 720316
March 27, 2022 Investment Decision

Exterior Paint to Withstand Our Seasons

Bangladesh being a tropical country heat and humidity are elemental... Continue Reading

women not just homemakers 787198
March 24, 2022 Investment Decision

Women: Not Just Homemakers, But Home Makers

Just a century ago in most countries women were still... Continue Reading

expert damp proofing only a call away 858154
March 21, 2022 Investment Decision

Expert Damp Proofing Only A Call Away

Damages incurred from dampness on the walls are a commonly... Continue Reading

home in your homeland own oversee from abroad 275883
February 28, 2022 Real Estate Investment

Home in Your Homeland: Own & Oversee From Abroad

Bangladesh is home to more than 180 million people who... Continue Reading

our homes breathe as we do 272341
February 20, 2022 Investment Decision

Take Care of Your Property with The Veterans

Our homes breathe as we do Though an object building... Continue Reading

5 essential tips for prospective homeowners 428388
February 16, 2022 Investment Decision

5 Essential Tips for Prospective Homeowners

Buying a new home for the first time is always... Continue Reading

5 steps to maintain your swimming pool 200431
January 26, 2022 Investment Decision

5 Steps to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a place of recreation and entertainment... Continue Reading

a legacy of winning hearts 853390
January 17, 2022 Investment Decision

A Legacy of Winning Hearts

Reliability in the real estate sector is still a highly... Continue Reading