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May 17, 2021 Investment Decision

Forget Your Post Handover Blues With bti’s After Sales Service

An apartment is a culmination of dreams years of patience... Continue Reading

May 8, 2021 Real Estate Industry

Bti: The Paramount of Design Excellence

In the early years of our nation the concept of... Continue Reading

Fire Safety Measures
April 30, 2021 Apartment Living

Three Ways bti Provides Fire Safety Measures

Living in a concrete jungle like Dhaka is quite... Continue Reading

Central Water Purification System: Drink Water Right from the Tap
April 29, 2021 Apartment Living

Central Water Purification System: Drink Water Right from the Tap

Water is life life came from water Billions of... Continue Reading

A Day in One of Our Wellness Communities
April 26, 2021 Investment Decision

A Day in One of Our Wellness Communities

As a brand new day rolls and a bright... Continue Reading

Plants in Our Home
April 18, 2021 Apartment Living

Plants in our homes: Friends for Life

Addinggreeneryto your house is not justinterior embellishment you are... Continue Reading

Advanced Home Safety and Security Measures
April 11, 2021 Apartment Living

Advanced Home Safety and Security Measures

Our happiness of mind largely depends on how safe... Continue Reading

April 6, 2021 Apartment Living

9 Clever Ways To Get Rid of Mosquitoes From Your Home

With Covid19 surging up the third wave in the country... Continue Reading

March 31, 2021 Apartment Living

5 Fantastic Rooftop Decoration Ideas

Is your rooftop looking a little bland Are you... Continue Reading

6 Amazing Home Improvement Ideas

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March 22, 2021 Investment Decision

Everything You Need To Know About Home Loans

When you walk past a beautiful building a moment... Continue Reading

March 15, 2021 Apartment Living

7 Low Budget Decoration Ideas For An Open Terrace

A little bit of fresh air in the open... Continue Reading

March 10, 2021 Real Estate Industry

How Real Estate Advertisement is Changing Shape

st century Now Facebook YouTube websites massmail and other platforms... Continue Reading

March 8, 2021 Real Estate Industry

Making Her Mark in Real Estate

making her mark here are some gutsy women who have... Continue Reading

March 6, 2021 Real Estate Industry

Building A Better Tomorrow

Care is an inseparable part of bti culture bti family... Continue Reading