How to create a cozy home this winter in 5 easy steps

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January 6, 2018 Apartment Living

Do you think comfort and elegance cannot coexist in your home decor? You might need to readjust your thinking. Plush, soft furniture combined with unique accents and textures provide a great cozy setting for your home while retaining its elegance. You can easily find yourself in a home that is cozy, stylish and vibrant and fall in love with your home as soon as you step inside it. Here are 5 apartment décor tips to create a cozy home this winter.

Play with color
Color makes a powerful statement in any interior décor. You can use warm colors like orange or vibrant colors like fuchsia or soft colors like teal in fabrics, upholstery and accents to give the room a colorful twist. For instance, instead of going with monochromatic throw pillow covers, choose multicolored or floral printed pillow covers to add life to your setting- be it in your living room, or bedroom.

There are many ways to add color to your home instead of just painting the whole room. Apart from fabrics and upholstery, you can add rugs or curtains of vivid and rich color too.

Mix and match

You can increase the coziness of a room by mixing and matching materials of different kinds. For instance, combine softness in your interior décor by using velvet or thick fabrics upholstery. You can also opt for leather couches that are great for both comfort and style. Place one in a small nook of your room to create a cozy corner and curl up with your favorite book and a cup of coffee.
Wood is another fantastic material for using in interior décor that is both warm and sophisticated. For instance, place a wooden side table or a wooden ornate dresser to increase classiness of the room as well as coziness of it.

Add a natural setting

Instead of having only elements such as home accessories and décor items, you can incorporate nature to spruce up your apartment décor and invite coziness. To get creative you can make your own terrarium that uses nifty mason jars and decorate them with succulents. Place it on center table, dressers or window sills to create a stunning and natural setting.

Create your own art display

This is a fun trick to add creativity in your interior décor from The elements include a décor item that is tall in size, it could be potted plant, or floor vase. Place it next to something wide and smaller in height, it could be a plate of colorful artificial flowers or fruits. Finish it off with eccentric, small décor items and place it in the corner of a room to invite attraction from visitors.

Go for versatility

Do not be a trend follower when interior decorating- just because grey seems to be in this winter does not mean you have to use it in abundance in your home décor. Break out of the mold and be spontaneous. For instance, how about adding a lighting fixture that provides warm lighting but is funky to look at?

It does not take a lot to create a stunning cozy atmosphere in your home be it winter or summer.

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