Stylish Focal Walls for Your Living Room

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October 3, 2017 Apartment Living

Your living room is the heart of the home and the place where we spend the most time. Whether you live in a traditional house, or a modern apartment in Dhaka, it is important to bring your own personality and style to the place where you live. A focal wall in the living room is a great way to inject flair into your home and create an interior design feature that you are truly proud of.

Beautiful paint

Paint is often preferred in the living room as it is more easily changed and comes in endless different shades. Generally smaller rooms work better with lighter colours on the wall, but a different coloured focal wall is an excellent way of elongating the room and bringing focus to one area. For a real contrast, try painting the wall in dark, stormy colours. Paint can be manipulated in so many different ways too, such as stippling to create wonderful textured effects.

Create a gallery space

There are many ways you can transform your room by simply being creative with one wall. How about creating a gallery wall? Fill it with beautiful artwork you’ve collected along the way. Perhaps frame some beautiful photographs taken on your travels. Or better still frame some special photos of your family and have your own private gallery. You could also choose unusual frames of different shapes, sizes, colours and styles to make the look more unique. You can also use this wall as a design feature to set a flat-screen television into the wall, making it look sleek and stylish. Setting the television into the wall will create space in your living area and also give it a beautiful cinematic feel.

Feature wallpaper

Feature wallpaper is great for a focal wall, as it is available in so many designs. It is ideal to use if you don’t have super-smooth walls and can be used to cover up marks on walls. You can give your living room a makeover by using modern bright patterns. Alternatively, how about using some wallpaper that looks like books to create a cosy library feel? If you are living in a modern apartment, you may want to try using metallic and reflective wallpaper. It will give your focal wall a chic look and create a real sense of space.