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December 29, 2021 Real Estate Industry

bti embarked on the relentless pursuit of excellence in 1984, and since then we have tried our best to deliver joyful experiences to our customers. In this long journey of nearly four decades, we have established a firm foundation in the real estate sector of Bangladesh that has made bti a name synonymous with diligence, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. From then on, bti has expanded its operation across Dhaka and Chattogram and is planning to spread even more. Apart from building apartments, bti has much more to offer to meet a wide range of real estate solutions.  


The House of bti

To address the ever-growing housing needs of the customers bti always brings forth newer and more innovative concepts, so that you meet all your real estate needs under one umbrella. The House of bti is a basket full of offerings that provides a 360-degree real estate solution. With a mission to make homeownership a joyful experience for you, bti stands firm on its four pillars which are:

Customer Centricity: Winning your hearts has always been our focus. We always have customers from yesteryears coming to us with their needs, and we serve them wholeheartedly.

Construction Excellence: The mixture of modern technology and high-end construction materials has pioneered us to deliver projects not only on time but also ahead of schedule.

Design Excellence: With a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionalities, bti is the first name in the industry to incorporate the emerging trends of smart home features and technologies to take your comfort and convenience to the next level.

Reliability: Having expertise and experience of nearly 40 years, we have successfully handed over 300+ projects on time and ahead of schedule. Because we have an unbeatable track record of fulfilling commitments.


bti’s Offerings

The House of bti leaps forward to provide you with a one-stop real estate solution so that you save your time and hard-earned money. We are ready to help you achieve what you want from start to finish. For example, if you own a piece of land and have a certain design planned, you could ask Square Feet Story to help you with construction management and logistics. If you need any kind of document verification and legal help with the sale of your constructed properties, bti Brokerage will certainly assist you. Also, for any maintenance issues, our bti Property Management unit is ready to serve you. Since bti is known for its reliability and unparalleled customer service, this means that under one name you will get a wide range of services with absolutely no shortcomings and delivered right on time. You will not have to run anywhere else and waste your time. We at bti will ensure that each process is smoothly handled.


bti Brokerage

It is an independent business unit of bti that works as a reliable bridge between property buyers, sellers, and also those looking for rents. You can choose any residential or commercial property with us safely, as we ensure document verification, proper home inspection, and check the authenticity of all concerned parties. We can also aid you with your finances. So, if you want a ready apartment in Dhaka, or need to fix documents and process home loans at the same time, know that bti Brokerage can do it all for you instantly and reliably.


Square Feet Story

Do you own a piece of land where you would like to do something different? If not apartments, then maybe a resort, a farmhouse, a duplex home, or even a commercial high-rise? Whatever your vision is, Square Feet Story will help you realize your dream in every step. If you have already planned the architecture, we can help bring it to life. You might not have the time to supervise construction. No worries – we have it covered. Once construction is in full swing, our interior experts can transform the overall look of your dream project into something extraordinary. So Square Feet Story not only serves to provide a comprehensive solution, but we also provide beautiful landscaping solutions driven by innovation. Furthermore, 3D visualization and logistic services are also available so that you can get all services from us and spare yourself from any hassle. 


bti Property Management

Once you have your dream property in your grasp, either from bti Brokerage or Square Feet Story, a question remains – what next? Now, it is essential that you take good care of it. To make the most of your property, make sure they are managed in safe hands. Again, bti is here for you, with exceptional property management services that you can fully rely on. bti provides expert and resourceful personnel along with a variety of maintenance and renovation services to keep your property well-maintained. If you are seeking perfection in every aspect of your property, bti Property Management will provide all the major and minor fixes needed to keep your property tip-top.


bti Building Products

bti takes pride in construction excellence and this comes with our high-quality construction materials. bti has a heritage of constructing iconic residential and commercial buildings which are not only mere structures but landmarks that bear testimony to our strength. With that in perspective, bti Building Products factory located in Dhamrai produces concrete hollow blocks, concrete solid bricks, unipavers, and pavement tiles, with BUET-tested quality and strength so that your dream property is a solid, strong, and earthquake-resistant structure. bti uses these products in all of its construction works. If you are an individual or a developer looking for amazing building materials, look no further. 


The Business Center

The Business Center has emerged as a thriving shared office space to meet all your workspace needs no matter what sort of profession you hold. For a seamless operation, TBC offers several furnished spaces for your work. For example, you can rent a desk, or an entire suite, even if it is for an hour or several months. You can customize spaces according to your business needs and hold meetings, seminars, training, presentations, and so on. Flexibility and the opportunity to use its trade license and mailing address will allow you to focus simply on your work while we handle the rest. 

As we pursue excellence in every step of the way, we have honed the skills to deliver not only the project of your dreams but also to ensure that you find all your real estate needs under one roof. Thus, we bring to you the House of bti with unfaltering reliability and tailored services meant just for you!