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November 29, 2022 Investment Decision

None of us want to be bogged down with a conventional lifestyle. We want smart answers and convenient solutions that can make our daily lives easier. An extra pair of eyes keeping your gates secure or an easier system of opening your doors than fumbling with your keys might just be what you need. If not yet, people are eventually going to adopt advanced home automation systems in the near future. So, why not improve your home with some smart features now?

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Let’s start off with the basics and the bare minimums: security. It is actually quite easy to break into a home. If you have senior citizens or children living at home, there should be an extra layer of security when you are not around. So, having a smart door lock with remote access and control from a smartphone means you decide who enters and leaves your home. There are a variety of options available out there, allowing you to open your door using your phone, a password, or fingerprint. This will not only make your home more secure, but also eliminate the need to carry a large bunch of keys and fumbling through them when trying to open your door. No more worrying about losing keys!

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Another automation system, that is almost indispensable in modern times, would be smart cameras. They provide security as well as evidence, in case the worst comes to pass. Its benefits cannot be oversold, hence, most of the apartments nowadays are already adopting it. The ones who adopted it before it was a thing, did not have to go through the extra hassle and expense of setting it up now. Smart cameras can also be handled remotely, which means you can monitor your loved ones at home easily from anywhere. Wouldn’t it be a fantastic improvement to your home?

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If we choose to delve a bit more into the luxury territory, we will have a whole new avenue open to us. Automated systems to turn on or adjust your lights using your voice are available. You can also use motion-sensing lights. They detect motion and turn lights off or on or dim them when passing by. Tired and just got into your bed? Just ask your smart home system to turn it off with your voice commands. Need to go downstairs at night? Walk right down the stairway and let the step lights light up on their own. Motion-sensing and remote-control lights are also efficient, so you can stop worrying about hefty electricity bills!

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While most people in Bangladesh would prefer to use a ceiling fan or an AC to combat the heat, they would rarely buy an appliance for winter. This is due to the fact that we do not get sub-zero temperatures and our winters are not that extreme. Some people choose to take home improvement to the next level by choosing remote-control fans and AC. In fact, lights and fans may have remote-control switches as well. Installing such a system at home will ensure that you are not having to wake up in the middle of the night, fumbling for a blanket because the AC cooled the room too much. You will not have to turn the AC on and off or consistently change the temperatures to be comfortable. 

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, newer and better home automations systems are coming to the market. With these systems, the possibilities are endless. We now have Wifi plugs that can help you remotely control all home appliances, and automated cloth drying racks that gently dry your clothes without creasing, and automated towel heating rails that can be installed in bathrooms to keep your towels warm. So many options to improve your home with smart features are available, that it’s literally impossible to cover them all in one article.

So, if you want to learn more about home automation systems, the available options and decide how it may benefit you when you are building your dream home, feel free to contact bti for consultation and see where you can go from there. Trust me: it’s fine if you don’t get it; if you can afford it, you will not regret it. Home automation systems are here to stay, it’s up to you whether you want to live in the future or in a more conventional way.